Friday, December 19, 2008


We found each other under planetary conjunction
A moon upside-down
Under the shadows of eucalyptus trees
On darkened streets
Electricity bleeding from street lamps
Shocking between our fingers,
But we didn't hold hands.

On a cube of changing colors
My hand found yours when
I touched the glass after you did
And our palm prints melted together
Changing from blue into green
Colors blending seamlessly.

In your smile I saw the fire that
Left me months ago return
Words flooding back like a deluge
Shapes and sky, sunset and rocks
Memories returning to wake me from silence,
Your body next to mine strong and sweet.

On a night that could not have been more perfect
Our spirits aligned like constellations
My eyes found in yours a common ground,
Effortless understanding and recognition.

I can still feel your hand in my back pocket,
Your skin under my lips,
The flow of breath between us, and
The desire to know more of you, all of you,
Even from miles beyond.

-GSS 12/08

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