Thursday, December 11, 2008


In my sickness I craved that
The way the light smeared the glass in broken
Arched up and over like a woman's back
Graceful slender curve
While thunder cracked outside

It bled out in all directions
I saw the fractures and fractals
Remains of crystals from ice that never came
Delicte white shards of glowing sun
On a day where sun was buried deep

I fell backwards and you were there to catch me
All limbs and heavy weight
Toes and fingers trickled with blood
The splendid pain of injection
Where the plastic tubing entered the site
And you sat for long hours while
The warmth outside did not reach inward
The coldness of my hand spread up through my arm
And the blanket did not warm me

Outside the light was stronger
Emerging from shadows I walked tall
While the light figures dappled over asphalt
Changing shape like bodies without limits
Those who bend and twist without bones
No spinal cord
No fusion
Just flow and melody in their morphing.

-GSS 2007

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