Thursday, December 11, 2008


Take this delicate thing of mine
Palm it open flutter shut
Hand over hand I'm back and forth
You've got me shaken up

I'm raw and open
Delicate dusty
Underutilized undamaged goods
Waiting for your precious words
Empty and waiting to be filled

If I'm shut for good there's no way back
Not going wrong again
Not going ripe too soon
Only to be thrown away

Kiss me open pull me through
I want to see you
All you are
Want you to see me too

Let loose livewire words and I
Spill my dust through curling hands
The broken shelf falls down too soon
I'm sprawled undone and crushed again

Too brief the colors in this world
I'm dreaming craving black and white
To unpaint my mood again
To flow away and out again

The tide rolls in I'm cold and wet
Sleeping restless in the muck
Your hand on mine like softest silk
I'll follow you back to shore.

-GSS '07

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