Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Our bodies melt together
Slick and seamless
Fish in water
Blues and clear, crystal greens
Gray beaches
Corals on the shore
Lights in the sky
I am yours completely
The violent mossy tide
Strings us along
Like kelp.

My soul is sea green
Frosted stars in a
Cold winter but
With you here
The cold fades into black.

You are everything I know
And everything I want to know
Tidal flats teeming with life
Pools of blood, ripe
The night lit up like
Cigarettes and wine
A backdrop for our symphony
An echo of our emotion
Melodic blending
Rhythmic flow,
We carry on and on.

I was alone on the inside
Until you opened me whole.
Now I'm flooded, overloaded
A cityscape at night
Lit up from within
Dusty seashore that
Carries me home,
I am yours.

I breathe your salt and
Drink your liquid skin.
I am windblown and heartstruck.
Love washes over me with the
Harmony and flow of time
Passages of verse
Chords and disjointed phrases
Ambient light and mood.

You are a bright source of light.
You nurture me like the sea,
Bringing me back to myself
In waves.
I would strive always to do
The same for you,
Give back to you a hundredfold
Rock you gently with the moon's
Ancient phases
Breathe life into you
Love you until the end of time,
Your skin, mine, your eyes mine,
As we watch the present moment
Unfold into days and years like
An ocean, bending only
With the flash of
Dawn on a new horizon.

-GSS 2009

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