Sunday, February 8, 2009


In the light of the moon
You are many colors
I see you as you see me
Lengthened shadow and shape,
Forms stretching into darkness
Outside the circle of light.

I am bleeding, raw and open
My pain seeping out
The ebb and flow of emotion
Cold and alone
I don't know who I am
But when you are here
I feel complete.

It took a night like this
To make me see who we are,
Complimentary colors
Red and green
Blue and orange
Purple and yellow.
We roll along unbroken
Painting the past with each track.

I'm finding out who I am
I'm reaching inside this
Wellspring of feeling
Spilling over my edges
Draining out through my eyes.

I long for so much more than
What we are
I know it almost too soon
I fear the intensity and realization,
I fear the loss.

I can teach myself to be happy
But I can't find peace in the
Dark of the forest tonight,
Wishes mean nothing
Covered in ashes,
I've got to carve my own line
Draw it where it lies hidden
Under the rough, dead leaves.

-GSS 2/09

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