Friday, December 19, 2008


We sleep with fingers entwined.
Even when we stir in dreaming
Our hands stay solidly together.
Even in moments without consciousness
We know that we are meant to be
My body twists and folds with yours
Delicate shapes and lines
Softly moving into and out of each other.

I fall further into visions,
We are walking in the desert,
Climbing down the riverbed
Afternoon light shafting off the canyon walls
Drawing warm browns and yellows from the sandstone.

The sky knows we are here together,
The sun knows it, bathes us in her heat
The moon knows it, shines palely over our heads
The whole valley knows it, slowly winding out for us
Seeping into the horizon.
The ancient mountains see we are one
Their jagged peaks welcoming in their roughness.
The lazy swirling of the sediments in the wind
Reminds us that time is cyclical, moving backward and forward
Repetition and harmony,
Time spins out and opens wide.

We walk side by side, new and right
Earthly forces flaring into flames
With sunset.
We sit on a dry mud hill
Watch the sun's descent,
Our lips touching, breathing softly from each other.

In the night we fall wordlessly into sleep
Under a dark sky.
We hold each other even when the wind kicks up.
The power of this place pulls us naturally
Into our deepest desires, and we reach for each other,
Caressing and kissing until dawn.

--GSS 12/08

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