Thursday, December 11, 2008


I am filled with mysticism
My head is dizzy with it
My heart is heavy with it
The future is strung up end to end
Dangles from a wire
While people fall and cities die
Storefronts burn and stars collide

You are at the center of it
You asked for my prediction
My eyes went black, my lips went slack
I couldn't find the words to
Tell you that you'll love me
From day one you were hooked
As was I
Tell you that you'll need only
This one set of eyes to
Look inside yourself

The mirror is the truth and paradox
My vision rises from within
Once spoken my words are sealed
A fairy in a pond
A ship in a bottle

My vision for you is crystal clear
I divine your intervention
Find you deep within my spirit
See you at the end of time

I won't charge you for this one
I know you will find peace
Whether with me or someone else
I'll wander alone but
I will always think of you
I will wonder why the universe
Linked our souls together
Then parted us for
An unknown length of time.

-GSS 12/08

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