Thursday, December 11, 2008


You said you wish you knew me back then
When the light was dim but my hair was gold
and the moon was not afraid to drip down on us
while you held me steady.

I couldn't care less where that time went.
We're older now and none of it matters.
I'm no taller than I was,
no less small, and my hands can still touch you
the way you like best.

I was too afraid to tell you,
even when the air left my lungs that day
and I fell sprawling on the sand
and you took me down to watch
the surf battering the shells.
Even in tiny pieces they were sharper than the
dullest blade -
I found my feet bloodied and torn
shreds of skin like confetti where I stood
while the water stole my footprints away.

If you wanted me you could have
had me, anywhere but in the city.
Anywhere but there,
and I would gladly have
followed you over and under,
crept into your bed at night
just to watch you breathing.

In the silences I remember, now
how you wanted me then and
why I wanted you,
but none of it matters.
We are grown, and time has done its work on us,
each separate and stilled,
the fire inside breaching the boundaries of
Every truth we ever told.

-GSS 5/2007

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