Thursday, December 11, 2008


Town court country night
Plastic flower seats
Fruitful time for focus
Lost in reverie
Filter out the sparks that
Taste like pleasure on my tongue

We've got time, friend,
For watching closely
The judge in her gown
All Rise, quiet now
Peace descends on the room
On the turquoise rug
On the garish curtains and their stains
And on the wall
"God We Trust"
But I never trusted you

Got knocked down and fell hard
Down in the place where lies form
Grass green on the other side
Made the mistake of loving you

Courthouse town and county hall
Gathered here and waiting
For my appeal
For the gavel to drop
For the sting to subside
So I stepped off the curb
Couldn't see the price I'd pay
That you came and took your piece

Town dead silent tonight
I've got eyes for bigger things
Always knew it in my gut
What you'd do to me

Got dismissed out loud
No disgrace
Justice served in two short words
Town court cold night
I'm movin' on
Spare your shame
Save my heart from your distate
I'll be long gone by the time you
Throw it all away

-GSS 2006

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